Alan Rickman’s Supersad Goodbye Words to Harry Potter

The British actor known for his part as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series, Alan Rickman, has died in the age of 69 after a battle with cancer. Rickman was beloved by many for the way he brought to life and portrayed the dark potions professor in all eight of the Harry Potter films the multidimensional character.

Rickman said his goodbyes to the bewitching wizarding world in April of this year, although the last film in the franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, was launched in July 2011. Following the ultimate wrap on his part in the series’ ending, he wrote the letter below to Empire Magazine.

Cafe racers

I am very lucky to own these 3 incredible machines:

  • Moto Guzzi V7 Racer. Rare, beautiful, smooth power delivery, very comfortable on longer trips. The attention to detail on this bike is incredible.
  • Triumph Thruxton 900 (from the last batch of carbureted models before they switched to EFI).  Purely mechanical, simple, reliable carbureted machine. Great city/commute bike.
  • Ducati SportClassic 1000 Monoposto (the “uncomfortable” one, with low clip-ons,  hand-made titanium exhaust by Zard, tune and other bits). Its the “Ferrari 250 GTO” of motorcycles. Performance-wise (compared to the other 2) its on a whole next level — a modern superbike with cafe/retro looks.


Capoeira / acrobatics at the beach…

Practicing Capoeira floreios and acrobatics at the beach…


San Francisco (June 2012)

DSC03509Working from San Francisco this week … one of my favorite places in the World.

BMW 135i M-Sport

New ride — bmw 135i m-sport, twin turbo 350 hp/tq. Its unreal how well it handles and accelerates!



The R type Jag (420hp/tq supercharged v8) is very beautiful … but so unreliable — most of the time it lived in a shop. Once it started turning itself off on me on the freeway … it had to go! Brits can make great bikes, but I am not so sure about Jaguars.


Triumph Thruxton 900

2009 Triumph Thruxton 900 — from the very last batch of the carbureted models before they switched to EFI (in 2009.5)


Leavenworth (mid april 2012)

Climbing in Leavenworth over the weekend with Johnny and Cole … still going at it 10+ years! Camping in the Land Cruiser on top of mountain home road.


land cruiser

Mestre Xuxo “Enjoy Yourself” capoeira event in Linz, Austria

My brother and I went to Linz Austria to train with the best capoerista in the World … Mestre Xuxo.


Check out this stunning view of Alps!!!


Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 7.50.50 PM

Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

I am extremely fortunate to be a proud owner of the only Moto Guzzi V7 racer exported to US … #5 from production line in Mandello del Lario, Italy.


On “Singularity” and future of technology…

transcendent-man-20090502013437292-000Just watched “The Transcendent Man” about Ray Kurtzweil (AI, speech recognition, OCR) and his concept of “Singularity” … how technology is growing so rapidly (exponentially) that the only way to comprehend and further develop it is by merging [ourselves] with the intelligent technology we create the best knifes.For more info please visit (essentially creating new species, expanding limited biological capacity of human brain with nano tech), being god-like, achieving immortality … etc. This movie has really interesting ideas, especially if you’re a computer scientist.

Well, I am a computer scientist and it is astonishing (to me) that such a brilliant person is completely oblivious to the spiritual realm to life, and the fact that humans are so much more than physical bodies!

There are many other aspects to “intelligence”:

  • physical intelligence: being able to execute extremely complicated physical movements by turning off the logical brain and feeling it, its about having spacial awareness, things like acrobatics, gymnastics, dancing and purely the physical aspect of martial arts. I know a lot of really smart people that are completely out of shape, neglecting their physical body. Maintaining your “vessel” in perfect shape and being in complete control of movement is a form of intelligence.
  • emotional intelligence: being in control of your thoughts, feelings, emotional reactions and responses. Its about curbing your urge to hurt back when you’re hurt, being able to switch your emotional states (flip a switch and get un-depressed, motivated, happy) … and always connecting with Love, seeking and shining Light. It all comes back to God.
  • social intelligence: being able to deeply connect with others … way past small talk, food and weather … straight to the Heart! Its also the ability to pick up on subtle clues from body language, micro-expressions, vocal tonality … and being able to construct another person’s model of reality from it in order to communicate most effectively. Again, we all know highly “intelligent” people that fail in this area miserably.  I also know many people that are brilliant in social situations that can’t do basic math. But at the end of the day, I’d rather spend time with someone who is pleasant to be around than a brilliant asshole.
  • logic/reason (traditional intelligence): math, science, technology, the stuff in this movie.
  • time-space continuum intelligence: being in control of time/space. Its your ability to organize, create elaborate plans and set them in motion by doing right things at the right time. Its about visualizing all possible outcomes and mitigating undesired ones. Its about  living every moment of your precious life effectively. Its about being fully present, aware, reading the very next letter of this blog post and not thinking about anything else. Be here with me. Focus!
  • spiritual intelligence: being in tune with the spiritual realm, sensing God, knowing that we’re all connected to each other, that nothing happens randomly. Its about understanding Life-force, its the Ki/Chi concept in martial arts. Its about having Faith, Hope and Love. Love being the greatest of all, of course.

There are many more other aspects to “intelligence”, none of which can be “backed up” or taught to a machine. The more we progress technologically, the less emphasis we’re placing on developing ourselves physically, emotionally, socially and finally spiritually!

Back to the movie — its not difficult to see that Ray’s drive to invent and to create is singularily fueled by fear of death and grievance for his father. His is hurt and his way with dealing with it is to focus on logic/reason aspect of intelligence.

If it ever gets close to the age of his predictions, I’ll be the leader of resistance to this bullshit in a war he mentions.

If you liked this movie, here is an interesting read from another brilliant person on similar subjects. Its a collection of his personal essays, thoughts on God and role of technology. Please visit for more info.

Private training session with Sifu Taky Kimura (Bruce Lee’s best friend and his first student)

attachmentBruce Lee has been an inspiration to me since I was a little kid … and last night I’ve had the privilege and honor of training JKD with Sifu Taky Kimura (Bruce Lee’s best friend and his very first student) with a handful of senior students who moved across the country to train with him at his private residence. It is all still slowly sinking in … I am so grateful for the experience!!!

Playing at the beach

Went to the beach with Luciana and Christian, played Capoeira and enjoyed one of the last days of the summer.


Took my Mom for a ride today

Took my Mom on a bike ride — on a beautiful (and rare) sunny day in Seattle.

Dmitry and Nina Kalashnikov

Dmitry Kalashnikov Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic

Dmitry Kalashnikov Ducati Gt1000 2

Got a track bike: Triumph 675

This bike has amazing unique 3 cylinder motor — its kind of like the best of v-twin torque and inline-4 smooth power delivery. The sound is intoxicating when you open it up on a freeway — sounds like Formula 1 with a turbo. You hear a whistle and intake noise, and 2 tones from exhaust. Each 1000 rpm increment is the next key (like on a piano). So, if you’re a musician you can know exactly what rpm you’re in without looking at the tach. Super stable at higher speeds with telepathic steering. I am pretty psyched!

Dmitry Kalashnikov Triumph 675 2010

Ran into my parents as I was leaving the climbing gym.

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Microsoft Award

Today is a special day — I was awarded for my work (related to NIC Teaming) and I am enjoying this day thoroughly :)
Some thoughts: the people I work with are … scary smart, and at the same time very kind (a rare combination).
I am very fortunate to have both: opportunity and means to contribute.

Thank you!


Perfect Day Of Training (Get uber-ripped)

Part 1: Perfect Training Schedule


Start your day right with a surge of energy:

  • Literally jump out of bed as soon as you wake up … don’t hit snooze button and allow yourself to be lazy :)
  • As you finish showering, gradually turn the water to coldest and try to stay there for about 3 minutes.
    Cold shower will clear your mind. It also trains “Fudoshin” (willpower, determination) and has amazing health benefits, such as flushing toxins and improving circulation.

Do a quick workout: push-ups till failure, 100 bicycle crunches, stretch for 20 min, do another 100 crunches.

Eat a full breakfast. If you had a hard workout a day before, eat lots of protein (eggs, meat). Otherwise have fruit, oatmeal, and yogurt but never skip breakfast. This best knife sharpener will also help stabilize your energy levels and reduce stress throughout the day.

Eat snack: water, nuts (organic, raw, unsalted, non-roasted) or fruit (fresh, organic, preferably locally grown).


Go for a run before lunch. This will boost your metabolism, and help reduce stress at work. It will also pump oxygen into your brain and your thinking will greatly improve :)

Complex Carbs Lunch: For lunch you want to eat good carbs (complex), and salad (for digestion of it). Unless you’ve had a super hard training session a night before (sore muscles) you should skip on eating meat for lunch, as it is not the most efficient energy source. Good complex carbs examples are brown rice, any whole grain (quinoa, barley, oat, rye). Don’t eat bread (and never ever eat white bread). Drink water.

A little secret: take a 5 minute walk after lunch — the vibration from walking/jogging helps to settle and digest food.

Have a snack: water, freshly squeezed juice, fruit, and nuts.
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Sieve (of Eratosthenes) algorithm for generating prime numbers

A prime number is divisible by 1 or by itself. To generate prime numbers to 20 we’ll use Sieve (of Eratosthenes) algorithm, which is really simple to explain:

Strike out all multiples of 2′s:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Strike out all multiples of 3′s:

2 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19

And so on. Here is a C# code that does exactly that:

private static void PrintPrimesTo(int num) {
            var primes = new bool[num + 1];

            // init candidates
            for (int i = 2; i <= num; i++) { primes[i] = true; }

            // cross-out 2's:
            //   2, 4, 6, 8, 10...
            // cross-out 3's:
            //   9, 12, 15...
            for (int i = 2; (i * i) <= num; i++ ) {
                Console.WriteLine("Crossing out {0}'s to {1}:", i, num);

                for (int j = i * i; j <= num; j = j + i) {
                    Console.WriteLine(" * crossing-out: {0}", j);
                    primes[j] = false;

            Console.WriteLine("Results: prime numbers between 2 and {0}:", num);
            for (int i = 2; i <= num; i++) {
                if (primes[i]) Console.WriteLine(" * {0} ", i);

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Harley Davidson Nightster

Taking my bro’s Harley Nightster for a spin in Spokane. Its freezing outside!
I like the feel of this bike — its heavy, but very manageable due to low center of gravity. Sounds great too.


Small, light, 1200 cc v-twin engine, all black! Its a mix of European cafe racer styling and retro American look.