Campusing Training Videos (Climbing without feet)

Johnny Goicoechea Campusing

Campusing is a climbing exercise or “move” depending on your style :-) where you climb up the wall without using your feet. You don’t have to be able to do this in order to climb — There are plenty of climbers who can climb very hard but can’t even come close to doing what you’re about to see in these videos.

Climbing is not all about power and strength, but it is sure nice to have endless supplies of it!

Todd Meyers’ Campusing Workout: We recorded these videos at Wild Walls (Climbing Gym in Spokane) a few years ago. I just found these videos, so I am sharing them.

Warmup Set: Doing one-arms on a campus board, while skipping every other rung

Set 2: Doing one arms on very small (Metolius) rungs, skipping ever other one!

Set 3: One-arm pullups with with 10 pound ankle weights on each leg. Skipping every other rung!

Set 4: More one-arms with ankle weights!

Set 5: Last but not least…

25 thoughts on “Campusing Training Videos (Climbing without feet)

  1. sara barron

    Hey D, Todd claims you have new and improved campus footage…where is it?
    Like your website. Pretty cool. You should get some footage of the gnarly stuff Phil is doing on his unicycle these days and put it up. Pretty sick stuff.

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