Asking Questions

There are no bad answers … there are only bad questions

The Quality of your questions literally creates your World. It determines the state of all areas of your life: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relationships, Work, Fun and so on.

We experience the World with our thoughts. Our perception of Reality it skewed by many things. We never see things as they really are. I’ll go so far as to say nothing in the World even comes into existence until you observe it.

Thinking is nothing more than a process of asking a question and coming up with an answer. Questions are interesting because they impose a frame within which you attempt to answer them. Questions are like railroads tracks — they have presuppositions. Questions guide our awareness and thinking process.

It’s important to remember that your current state is the result of some questions you asked before. If you’re not feeling well (emotionally, physically, spiritually … etc) it means you’re asking poor quality questions. Thinking is made of questions and answers. Questions box-in your answers. Answers only give birth to more questions. It’s a recursive process. In the very beginning of your life as far back as you can remember … what were you interested in? What did you want to know?

Asking better questions

You don’t have to answer them within the question framework, a presupposition. Reconsider answering a question. The most intelligent, the happiest, most athletic, most inspired, most giving, most <whatever> people in the world differ from common because of only one thing: they ask higher quality questions because they realize it will guide the answers. By asking higher quality questions you get higher quality answers, higher quality thinking, better decisions and actions, faster emotional, spiritual, intellectual development, increased health and emotional control.

Example: Which question is healthier? Which question will produce the desired outcome? Which question would your Spirit ask?

Why am I depressed?

  1. I am in a depressed state
  2. I need to find the root cause
What am I grateful for?

  1. I am grateful!
  2. I have a list of things to be grateful for! (… What are they?)

Before giving answers, see your presuppositions. See the railroad. See where this train is heading. See if you need to get out of it and go in a whole new direction.


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