Got a track bike: Triumph 675

This bike has amazing unique 3 cylinder motor — its kind of like the best of v-twin torque and inline-4 smooth power delivery. The sound is intoxicating when you open it up on a freeway — sounds like Formula 1 with a turbo. You hear a whistle and intake noise, and 2 tones from exhaust. Each 1000 rpm increment is the next key (like on a piano). So, if you’re a musician you can know exactly what rpm you’re in without looking at the tach. Super stable at higher speeds with telepathic steering. I am pretty psyched!

Dmitry Kalashnikov Triumph 675 2010

Ran into my parents as I was leaving the climbing gym.

Dmitry Kalashnikov Ducati Triumph

Racing Slicks :) Not so good for Seattle rain

Dmitry Kalashnikov Triumph 675 Red

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