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Took my Mom for a ride today

Took my Mom on a bike ride — on a beautiful (and rare) sunny day in Seattle.

Dmitry and Nina Kalashnikov

Dmitry Kalashnikov Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic

Dmitry Kalashnikov Ducati Gt1000 2

Got a track bike: Triumph 675

This bike has amazing unique 3 cylinder motor — its kind of like the best of v-twin torque and inline-4 smooth power delivery. The sound is intoxicating when you open it up on a freeway — sounds like Formula 1 with a turbo. You hear a whistle and intake noise, and 2 tones from exhaust. Each 1000 rpm increment is the next key (like on a piano). So, if you’re a musician you can know exactly what rpm you’re in without looking at the tach. Super stable at higher speeds with telepathic steering. I am pretty psyched!

Dmitry Kalashnikov Triumph 675 2010

Ran into my parents as I was leaving the climbing gym.

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Track Day at Bremerton Motorsports Park

Today was so much fun! My friend Kevin and I drove to Bremerton Motorsports Park for a full track day with Porsche Club to practice slalom, skidpad, accident avoidance, figure 8, autocross and open events.

Getting ready for autocross event.

Safety first

Kevin’s white Carrera 4, and my Evolution MR.

It started to rain! AWD is so much fun on a slippery road.

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Breakdancing with friends at LO-FI

Dancing with Free and Orbitron (Circle of Fire crew), and other local bboys at club “LO_FI” (Seattle):

Orbitron is freestyling on the second half of the video.

Listen to 4:23

“… great to see release – my man goes
Dmitry is in the circle — he spins and let goes
with the palm on a hand over jacket

grant stand I can grand slam when I got here
Tip the beat, rock and nod, spot the block, till I get off to my forehead
Ya’ll know where its at, ya’ll spin on a hat …”

My ankle is feeling much better! I can finally start dancing again!!!

Evolution: Keep the wing or go wingless?

What do you guys think? Should I keep the stock wing, take it off, or get a little “trunk lip” for my car?

Stock Wing

So, here is a picture of my car (first pic). I think the stock wing is kinda big and silly, but it is functional … if I am taking 90-degree corners at 160 mph.

This car isn’t meant to be “pretty” — its all purely functional. But I think taking a wing off might make it look more subtle.
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B-Boy Performance at Big Easy for Red Bull “Flight Club” party!

Flovolution CrewToday was one of those memorable days I’ll always remember! My bboy crew, “Flovolution” performed at Big Easy for the RedBull “Flight Club” theme party. We shared the stage with breakers from Tri-Cities, and the “Circle Of Fire” (Seattle). Crazy Legs was there too, but he didn’t perform. Everyone was pretty sore from his workshop a day before. The Red Bull and Big Easy kindly provided us with Davenport hotel rooms, hats …

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Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew will be at our studio

I got to teach a hip hop / footwork class tonight because my buddy Shanner was gone. Heard some great news … “Crazy Legs” of the Rock Steady Crew is going to be teaching a workshop at our dance studio (Simply Dance). I am pretty psyched about it. This guy pretty much invented breaking, windmills … etc.

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